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Mario hits a homerun. Not only is his delivery absolutely captivating, but he brings real knowledge to the table and tangible take-aways. Just as Mario stands out in business, he is an exceptional presenter bringing true professionalism yet incredible uniqueness to an event.


Champions Academy Australia

All of this is possible because of passion.

Mario has consulted and done the strategic thinking, branding and marketing for over 300 businesses, across dozens of sectors and markets.

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Shane Fozard

Australian Success Academy

Let me just say that Jess and I spent an hour with Mario today, and I can honestly say to everyone, that what he shared with me will significantly reduce costs in our business. YOU NEED TO DO WHATEVER YOU CAN (cancel all plans!) to get on his stuff, even if he shares 1/4 of what he shared with me. Mario, you are an absolute legend!

Zahrina Robertson

Zahrina Photography

Thank you so much for really inspiring me to be a better me, by watching, listening and following your advice, you have taught me to have the confidence to stand on stage and put forward my message wi clarity and the process of dealing with the important details. For this I’m extremely grateful, thank you

Matthew White

Seminar Attendee

Mario manages to command entire rooms of business people far older than he with the skill of a masterful orator. Wise beyond his years, his knowledge is expansive and his teaching methods are world class. To be in the presence of this man is to ensure that you will learn something useful, no matter how experienced and successful you are. Mario is one to keep an eye out for, he has a truly global future and will soon rank among the best.

Keri Norley


A shout out to an amazing person who has been supporting me through the craziness of my business growth over the past few weeks. Mario Malik – You are a rockstar. He has created processes and systems to make my job easier.I ask a question and the next day there is a diagram for my answer.
He told me when we started working together… “I got your back”… and he truly lives up to it. I am so grateful for his wisdom and experience. It’s all the finer details that he is sharing that are the difference and he gives me faith that I can take my life and business to the next level and live my “laptop” lifestyle IN style!
Thanks mate!! Love your work!

Matt Cama

Total Body Transformation

Mario, you are the Albert Einstein of online marketing. The amount of value and breakthroughs I got from your teachings blew me away. Thank you Mario!

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I’ll help you create, launch, and sell any product or service in today’s noisy marketplace

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