Are You Looking For A Speaker That Will Ignite And Entertain Your Audience?

The success of your event comes down to having fantastic, memorable speakers. If they manage to educate, entertain and inspire your audience, your attendees will leave with the impression that your event made a difference, and they’ll be more inclined to share their experience with friends and clients.   And I know that finding these amazing speakers for your event can be hard. You want to rest assured that the speakers you book aren’t going to lull your attendees to sleep. You want someone who has the ability to get an audience to look up from those glowing screens and have their eyes and ears glued to the person on stage.   That’s where I step in!

After his speech at our event, the reviews were raving for Mario and he holds the record for the longest line of people after a session to talk to a speaker. His ability to tell a story is really special and motivating and our attendees were so pumped to take action after they heard from Mario. Great closing keynote!

What topics do I speak about? I’m glad you asked! Right now I’m focused on delivering one kick-butt talk.   I can take your audience through my entrepreneurial journey of conceiving and building a business at the age of 19, how I lost it all, and rebuilt my international freedom-business. The stories of these projects will help your audience learn how to start thinking outside the box, how to do marketing differently (and better), how to build tribes and how to create a positive impact while doing it.   I guarantee you this: The attendees of your event will learn, laugh, and be fired up.

As a speaker, Mario hits a homerun. Not only is his delivery absolutely captivating, but he brings real knowledge to the table and tangible take-aways for the audience. Just as Mario stands out in business, he is an exceptional as a presenter, bringing true professionalism yet incredible uniqueness to an event.

Thanks for considering me to speak at your event!

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