How to review/approve your prototype

You can interact on a prototype whenever you’re notified that your asset is up for review or approval.

Comments are a great way to get/give feedback. Anyone with access to your project link will be able to leave a comment. Your project link will look like “****/screen/****”

NOTE: Mobile devices are for “view only”. Use a computer for commenting, annotations, and giving feedback.

How to add comments on a prototype

1. Open your project link.
2. Click on the Comments button at the bottom left of the screen
3. In the entry field, enter your comment

Once a new comment has been added, an email notification will be sent to the collaborators on the project.

How to add review a specific element

To leave an annotation:

  1. Click on the comment button
  2. Click on the crosshair icon at the bottom of the comment field
  3. The page will switch into annotation mode, click anywhere to drop your annotation
  4. Write your comment
  5. Click Leave comment

To change your annotation into a comment 

  1. Hover over the comment that is attached to the annotation in the sidebar > options
  2. Select Remove annotation.

How to add approve a prototype

  1. Open your project link
  2. Click on the comments button
  3. Copy & Paste this approval statement into the entry field.”I approve, and understand the work will be continued based on this prototype.”
  4. Click Leave Comment